Top 5 Premium Headphones and Headsets in 2017

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We are all looking for a headphone with the most appropriate fit, finish and sound quality, right? Indeed, the market is saturated with various types of headsets. Being a very competitive market, most manufacturers are producing unique quality headphones, and hope to capture your attention.

We provide you with a list of top 5 premium priced headphones that I am certain do deserve their respective asking prices of about $999 based on quality and exceptional functionality.


Sennheiser HD800

UltrasoundHQ - Sennheiser-HD-800-Silver

At $1,000, this over the ear headphone is a true classic with matching sound systems. This legendary product is a true audiophile! The many geeky designs give it an elegant look that is truly breathtaking.

The headphone is easy to use, a fact attributed to a superb baseline and distinctive drivers. The sound system and quality of Sennheiser HD800 are also impeccable. Buying this headphone is a good investment that you won’t regret.


E-MU teak

UltrasoundHQ - EMU Teak

The E-MU teak headphone is made from acoustic quality wood and is sturdy and durable coupled with unique wood grain. The beautiful sound is attributed to rare wooden instrument additions.

With an adjustable headband, E-MU is designed to give you the necessary comfort and is a perfect fit for all. For instance, the lavish leather lining will effectively cushion your ear and increase your comfort. The beautiful ear cups exert the right pressure in your ears and prevent excessive sound leakage ensuring that you get the best natural sound ever.

Moreover, E-MU has a reliable audio performance with exceptional lucidity. This is accredited to the ultra-thin bio-cellulose diaphragms that absorb leaking sounds and enhance your listening pleasure. As such, the headphone promises you a splendid natural soundstage performances.

You can also pair this headphone with an amplifier to get a maximum audio impact. Purchase the brown E-MU today and get a 1-year limited hardware warranty. Undoubtedly, with this headphone, you will receive the desired value for your money.


Focal Elear headphone

UltrasoundHQ - Focal Earphones

This product was manufactured by Focal, a French company and boast of animated technological features that promise you superior performances. Prices at $ 999, Elear is a product of intensive research and exclusive features.

This headphone is specifically designed to meet most of your expectations and demands especially if you are looking for long hours of listening pleasure. The product guarantees you a perfect mix of quality and precision in its features. Fused with leading technologies, Elear is a pure audiophile designed for low-noise environments. The striking mechanical design of Elear will also allow you enjoy the best listening conditions and they fit perfectly all ear shapes and sizes.

For instance, the extraordinarily smooth and unified design (attributed to the aluminum yoke) and a memory foam ear cushion will increase your comfort while significantly reducing the weight of the headphones. The leather headband enhances the user comfort while the aluminum yoke gives Elear a sophisticated design outlook.

Correspondingly, the high-class speaker drivers that provide an amazingly realistic sound makes Elear a flagship product. Thus, if you are looking for inspiration from a high-fidelity sound system that will allow you to enjoy your music like never before, then get yourself a pair of Elear headphones.


Ultrasone Signature DJ Headphones

UltrasoundHQ - Ultrasone Signature DJ Headphones

With ear and head pads made from Ethiopian sheepskin, the Ultrasone Signature DJ Headphones are brilliant both in design and quality. The tone quality of these headphones is base-oriented with an inherent ability to produce a perfectly distortion-free sound even at relatively high volume. This is attributed to the S-Logic PLUS technology that the headphone boasts about.

Correspondingly, Ultrasone Signature DJ Headphones have MU metal shielding that significantly reduces electromagnetic radiations-an essential health and safety characteristic. Besides, the user comfort of this headphone is unparalleled given the lavish leather lining that can absorb sweat. For just $999, Ultrasone Signature DJ Headphones promises you an experience like never before!


Audeze LCD-2 Headphone

UltrasoundHQ - Audeze LCD-2 Headphone

Audeze LCD-2 Headphone is the best sound choice for anybody seeking to enjoy music! The headphone has attracted so many positive customer feedback and equally loved by many users. For just $ 995, this excellent headphone is unquestionably one of the best sellers in the world. Fitted with technologically advanced features such as exclusive planner magnetic planner, Audeze LCD-2 Headphone will give you the very best listening experience.

The amazing bottom end weight makes it easier to use and increases user comfort. Furthermore, Audeze LCD-2 Headphone’s warm sound signature is perfect for listening to extreme EDM and smooth Jazz. The headphone also won an award for being the most innovative product in 2013.

Step up your listening game today by purchasing these five best headphones for about $999 which is not very cheap, but quality things rarely are!


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